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JBB50C Book binding machine



It is a new-type reciprocating machine used to pack book. The main transmission is adopted transducer, and it can stably work, conveniently adjust speed and make return trip of book clamp run quickly to quicken binding speed. It's set up bottom and side glue pot to have a hot fused glue on the rear bottom and the two sides. It's also set up the impression equipment and it is possible to adjust the time compressing tightly when pasting cover, and to ensure that cover is pasted firmly and beautifully. The quality packing the book can reach the level of the disc machine packing the book. The machine is used in not only no thread glue binding and packing book but also side-sew packing cover.


Technical data

Max. binding speed

600books per hour

Binding thickness

3 - 50mm

Binding width

max. 420 x 160mm, 370 x 300mm, min.150 x 130mm

Glue temperature

max.180, min.120

Motor power






Power supply

3P 380V 50Hz (according to customers requirement)



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