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QZYK E series Computerized paper cutting machine


QZYK E Series Cutters are equipped with Japanese Mitsubishi AC digital servo control system and 5.7 inch display screen, the data resolution rate is 0.01mm. It has self-diagnostic function of troubles and displays the operating pattern, 100 program units, over 5000 different cutting positions. It can memorize, store and dynamic follow-up. The paper-pushing speed is 5-16m/min. PLC controller can monitor all the electrical and mechanical sections. Its key parts adopted are mostly imported. EG, hydraulic components from Italy, electric components from Japan and Korea, ball lead screw and linear guide-rail from Taiwan.



1. Imported ball lead screw

2. Imported double guide-rail slot less working table

3. Chrome-plated main and assistance working tables

4. IR photoelectric protection and two hands operating protection

5. Ejecting device for knife locker

6. Inside electronic knife locker

7. Safe and convenient knife replacement system

8. Overloading protection device for cutting

9. Flat worm speed reducer transmission

10. Optical knife alignment

11. PLC control system

12. Imported hydraulic system

13. Imported electric components

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