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MG Series 3/4 Automatic Screen Press 



The machine is composed of printing parttake off set machine and UV dryer. It is a 3/4 automatic line which the printing stock is fed by handtaken off automatically. 

After the printing finished and the printing arm put up, the mechanism arm of take off set machine will extend into between the arm and the plane, suck and pull out the printing stock, then send it to next working procedure( dryingsolidify or collection). It’s not only can save the man, but also improve the using efficiency of the machine. It’s fit for the flexible material, such as paper product.

The printing main part of this printing line is JB Series microcomputer screen press, herein we recommend JB-750C/960C/1020C Horizontal-lift Half-tone screen printing machine; the tilted arm type also can be used, but as the influence of the working type( the printing arm is open and closed, but not up and down lift),the max. working speed of the printing line just is up to 500800 sheet/h.
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